NHSMUN 2018 Tentative Schedule

Both NHSMUN 2018 sessions will feature the same activities and programming. The conference officially begins in the early afternoon of Day 1, and concludes in the early afternoon of Day 4. Below is a tentative schedule. Specific times, as well as more detailed activities, will be distributed to registered schools within the next two weeks.

CONFERENCE DAY 1 (Friday, March 2 or Wednesday, March 7)

All Day: Conference Registration
Afternoon: Mission Briefings; Delegate Training Sessions
Early Evening: Opening Ceremonies
Evening: Committee Session 1

CONFERENCE DAY 2 (Saturday, March 3 or Thursday, March 8)

Morning: Speaker Series; Mission Briefings
Afternoon: Committee Session 2
Evening: Committee Session 3

CONFERENCE DAY 3 (Sunday, March 4 or Friday, March 9)

Morning: Committee Session 4
Afternoon: Committee Session 5
Evening: Delegate Dance

CONFERENCE DAY 4 (Monday, March 5 or Saturday, March 10)

Morning: Plenary Session and Closing Ceremonies

Note! NHSMUN 2018 will offer an expanded set of optional training and preparation sessions, as well as practice simulations, the day prior to Day 1 of the conference (March 1 and March 6). The sessions are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students and are open to all interested schools. We will also run training sessions during the afternoon of Day 1 of the conference (March 2 and March 7).

If you are interested in a customized training session for your students the day prior to the start of the conference, please contact us no later than January 1, 2018 to arrange the scheduling and content to be covered. We enjoy the ability to interact with students in advance of the conference, as we have found that it makes them more comfortable in committee sessions and enriches their conference experience.

Which Session Will I Attend?

Inevitably, schools will have different preferences regarding which session to attend. At NHSMUN 2017, we had a remarkably even distribution in the interest of Session I versus Session II. Some schools tend to prefer a specific session because of scheduling or because they can miss fewer days of class; others prefer a session because airfare is cheaper over the given set of dates. Other schools prefer whichever session allows them to receive their top choice of country to represent. Regardless of your situation, we will do our best to accommodate your requests. You may change your session preference until October 15. Both of our conference sessions feature the same programming and activities; likewise, students from both sessions will spend time in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations Headquarters. Committees and topics will be the same at both sessions. Students and teachers can look forward to the same, top-quality level of debate across our two sessions, coupled with a number of annual enhancements to boost the overall delegate experience.