CCPCJ: Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Topic A: Preventing the Distribution of Counterfeit and Falsified Medicine

The trafficking and trade of illegal drugs and substances is a subject of great importance in the discussion of crime prevention in the global community. Aside from being a dangerous public health and safety issue, the illegal sale of counterfeit medicines and medical projects is often connected to other crimes such as theft, fraud, smuggling, money laundering, and other infractions associated with organized crime. Since 2013, there have been 1,500 reports involving substandard or falsified medical products; however, it is believed the actual number of cases is significantly higher due to the many cases that go unreported. While developing countries certainly face a higher quantity of falsified and counterfeit medical products in their markets, the extent of this pharmaceutical crime extends to countries of all economic statuses. Counterfeit and falsified medical products tend to circulate due to lack of access to healthcare and affordable medicine, as well as embarrassment or shame felt by individuals seeking medical products for certain conditions. Preventing the introduction and distribution of counterfeit and falsified medicines is crucial in order to preserve the health of populations around the globe and combat illegitimate businesses.

Topic B: Addressing Cyber Crime to Protect Election Legitimacy

A core element of many countries’ governmental systems, elections play a monumental role in determining how and in what fashion a country moves forward. However, with the plethora of technological advances being made around the globe, this status quo is threatened, jeopardizing the international community as a whole. Recently, alleged Russian interference in the United States 2016 presidential election has brought these concerns to the forefront of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ). Thus, the CCPCJ is responsible for bringing attention to this issue that, in the future, could have calamitous effects in societies that are increasingly reliant on technology. The issues surrounding this multifaceted topic come in a medium that is widely utilized yet sporadically regulated: the internet. As debates intensify around identifying and protecting internal critical election infrastructure, the role of private hacking groups in election security, and accountability across national borders, the CCPCJ must take swift action to bring law and order to this new frontier.

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