ECOFIN: Economic & Financial Committee

Topic A: Financing Refugee Resettlement

Refugee resettlement requires significant economic and financial support in order for host countries to sufficiently accommodate the displaced persons. 80% of the world’s refugees are hosted in developing states near conflict zones. To ensure that these often fragile economies can bear the strain of guaranteeing the human rights of refugees, the global community must reassess its role in providing economic and financial aid for sustainable refugee programs. Among the issues that ECOFIN must address are a lack of economic opportunities (such as employment) for refugees, debate over unequal refugee burdens placed on countries, and methods of funding the development necessary for supporting refugee resettlement. Furthermore, public sentiment towards refugee populations in many countries can diminish over time, causing refugee populations to face growing institutional discrimination. With these factors, it is crucial for ECOFIN to take action and develop new systems of aid to support refugee resettlement.

Topic B: Internationalizing Economies in Sub-Saharan Africa

From 2008 to 2013, Sub-Saharan Africa’s economy grew at an average annual rate of 4.9%, the second highest rate in the world. Driving this growth was the increasing influence of international trade on economies. As countries work to internationalize their economies, they will face challenges attracting and making good use of foreign direct investment, an important driver of international trade. Another critical challenge is that of transportation and infrastructure, as adequate infrastructure is required to bring goods to and from African communities. For Sub-Saharan Africa to become a sustainable player on the international economic stage, it faces an array of diverse challenges: creative economic management is needed to ensure FDI’s benefits; advice is needed on the creation of competitive export markets; and assistance is needed for the region to urbanize effectively and facilitate development of sustainable infrastructure.

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