LAS: League of Arab States

Topic A: Reconstruction of the Gaza Strip

Despite diplomatic mediation and peace treaties, the Gaza Strip, located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, remains a widely contested region within the greater Arab-Israeli conflict. What began as competing land claims has escalated into a humanitarian crisis, undermining the living conditions of more than two million Palestinians and increasing tensions across multiple Arab states. Following Hamas's takeover of the area in 2007 and Israel’s subsequent blockade of the region, violence has become a political tool and attacks against Israel the norm. As a result, humanitarian efforts from the League of Arab States as well as other human rights organizations have encountered obstacles due to issues such as restricted entry, unfulfilled donations, and recent civilian protests. Without proper infrastructure such as electricity and functioning sewage systems, Gazans must function on only four hours of electricity per day and survive on a polluted water supply. If this continues, Gaza will become unlivable by 2020. The League of Arab States must find new ways of providing Gazans with the necessary humanitarian aid.

Topic B: The Qatar Diplomatic Crisis

The diplomatic crisis over Qatar threatens the political, social, and economic cohesion of the Gulf states and seems poised to do so without involvement from the League of Arab States. In June 2017, the Quartet—Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, and Egypt—severed ties with Qatar in response to long-running frustrations with Qatar’s support and involvement with Islamist organizations. Along with this announcement, the four states also issued a list of thirteen demands with which Qatar must comply in order to end the blockade. These demands include severing ties to Islamist organizations, disbanding Al Jazeera, and severing ties with Iran. Over the past year, the atmosphere of the region has only worsened. Recently, four more countries joined the blockade, leaving Qatar with minimal support. In addition to political implications, the social and economic effects of the situation have had negative consequences on the country and its inhabitants. Due to restricted travel into and out of Qatar, Qataris residing in neighboring countries were forced to rapidly exit said countries and leave behind family members and businesses. The League of Arab States must convene to address the latest development in this diplomatic crisis.

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