What is Pre-Registration?

NHSMUN offers a Pre-Registration period to allow schools or independent delegates to reserve a certain number of seats for the conference, with no financial commitment required, in advance of the regular registration period in October 2018. Specifically, during the Pre-Registration period, a school can request a certain number of seats, and we will commit to holding those seats until the end of September 2018. At that point, the school can choose to confirm the seats and continue to the regular registration process (October 1), or release the seats entirely. Financial commitment is not required during pre-registration for NHSMUN 2019.

Regular Registration, which begins on October 1, is the process through which schools or individual students formally request seats at the NHSMUN conference, along with their submissions of preferences for country and committee assignments. Groups that have already pre-registered will proceed directly to the country and committee request section. Each group will also submit a preference for which of the two conference sessions to attend. As a general rule, in the absence of a preference, a group will be assigned to whichever of the two conference sessions allows for placement in its top-ranked country or countries.

What is the Process for Pre-Registration?

In order to pre-register for NHSMUN 2019, complete the form located to the right. You will list your group's basic contact information and the number of seats you would like to reserve for NHSMUN 2019. You may also indicate a session preference, if you already have one. Once our team reviews your request, we will provide you with confirmation that we are holding your seats, and that you may begin any planning or coordination that you require. We will hold your seats until our regular registration period in October, at which point you can either confirm your seats or release them.

You may change your number of reserved seats or your session preferences at any time during pre-registration by emailing us or by filling out the form again.

Please note: You are not required to Pre-Register for seats for NHSMUN 2019; it is a service we offer for those groups desiring advance confirmation that they will be accepted to one of the two sessions of NHSMUN 2019. Not participating in Pre-Registration does not affect the ultimate outcome of your registration or your chances of receiving your preferred country assignment. Pre-Registration is specifically an opportunity to reserve seats in advance of the normal registration period.

If you have any questions about Pre-Registration or NHSMUN 2019 overall, please contact us at registration.nhsmun@imuna.org. We realize that each group has unique needs and requests, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to meeting those requests to the very best of our ability.

UN GA Hall NHSMUN 2017

UN GA Hall NHSMUN 2018

By submitting a Pre-Registration Request, each school, group, or family agrees that it is subject to NHSMUN's registration policies and protocols. Each group agrees to submit truthful information and shall not at any point during the pre-conference process misrepresent its status or registration with NHSMUN. Groups found to be violating this or any provision of NHSMUN's policies or terms of use shall be removed from the conference, at NHSMUN's sole discretion, and shall forfeit any and all deposits paid. NHSMUN reserves the right to accept or cancel registrations at its sole discretion.


If independent delegate, type 'individual'
Street Address, City, State, Postal Code
How many student seats would you like to reserve at this time?
How many teachers/chaperones do you anticipate?
Fri, 3/1 to Mon, 3/4 or Wed, 3/6 to Sat, 3/9. Changes are permitted.
By submitting this information, each school, group, or family accepts NHSMUN's registration policies and protocols, as described to the left.