What are Mission Briefings?

While committee debate sessions are a crucial part of any Model UN conference, there are countless opportunities for students to gain real-world experience beyond the standard practices of the committee room. NHSMUN provides students with the option of meeting with current United Nations representatives and their diplomatic team members, by connecting student delegations and the Missions to the United Nations (embassies) of the country that the students have been assigned to represent. This experience is only possible in New York, where the Permanent Representatives and their Missions are located. NHSMUN's administrative staff prepares months in advance to set up as many meetings as possible, based on each Permanent Mission's scheduling availability.

Unsurprisingly, this opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the world of the United Nations and gain exposure to the world's leading actors in the art of diplomacy is one of the most enthusiastically reviewed features of the NHSMUN conference. Many students, years later, have said that the visit to the Permanent Mission of their assigned country is the memory that most vividly stands out for them during their Model UN experience.

Aside from Mission Briefings, in each of our committees, delegates learn about their topics directly from experts brought in from all over the world, including UN representatives, academics, humanitarian aid workers, and many other thought leaders, through the lens of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). NHSMUN also invites pertinent international figures and thought leaders to run sessions and workshops, where students can interact and dive even deeper into the most pressing topics facing the global community. Through its focus on top-quality UN body simulations and wealth of supplemental activities, NHSMUN delegates can count on an impactful and rewarding experience that will follow them for years to come.