Education through Simulation Problem Solving Collaboration Experience Diplomacy Negotiation

By leveraging its unique philosophy and human resources, IMUNA serves as the vanguard in providing engaging and transformative learning opportunities that empower young learners with the skills to be responsible global citizens. IMUNA holds itself to the highest standard for educational programming that builds upon students' classroom skills by providing them with the means and confidence to be effective agents for global change. The organization actively builds and supports a network of international practitioners and organizations in a community of excellence, utilizing expert resources to identify new improvements and innovations in global issues education; expands and diversifies its community and diminishes barriers to participation in IMUNA programming; and integrates emotional and social intelligence with interdisciplinary academic skill-sets to develop empathy, critical thinking, and cross-cultural understanding.

IMUNA's volunteer staff members publish research papers, curriculum guides, training and self-study resources, and educational material on a platform accessible to learners across the globe. IMUNA supports the next generation of globally-minded leaders by facilitating cross-cultural debate and exchange programs, equipping learners with the academic and social skills necessary to solve some of the world’s most pressing international issues. IMUNA seeks to promote global citizenship though global issues education. While we support numerous educational endeavors and have assembled the world's leading MUN archive for students and educators, the heart of our organization rests in our Model UN simulations and the delegates we serve. IMUNA partners with international and regional organizations that promote education and international dialogue, as well as with universities and collegiate educational programs. IMUNA is committed to serving as a leader to the high school MUN community, providing resources to schools trying to start MUN clubs and assisting schools that host local conferences around the world.